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1. tf storys are allowed

2. tf art is allowed

3. NO non tf art

and 4. be respectful to other people art

And 5. Clean art please.i don't want any nudity or sexual themes please

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what we all do is create tfs nothing more to sayyy
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 17, 2013


191 Members
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25,134 Pageviews
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Going on the Paleo Diet by Viergacht Going on the Paleo Diet :iconviergacht:Viergacht 386 28
Mountaintop Flare
Flareon TF
"Vaporeon is unable to battle! The winner is... BROCK!!"
Blake was in shock. He just lost a ROCK-TYPE Gym challenge with a VAPOREON. It made no sense.
"Did that really just happen?"
"Yes it did. Next time, try bringing more than one Pokemon."
"SHUT UP!!" Blake returned Marlon to his Pokeball and sprinted to the Pokemon Center.
"Hello, and welcome-"
"Save it, Hikari."
"How do you- oh. Hi Blake." Hikari was starting to get frustrated. She had asked to be transferred SO many times just to get away from her ex. But he always seemed to follow her. "Still only have Marlon?"
"He's all I'll ever need. Could ya just do your job and heal him up?"
"Sure." In a few seconds Marlon was fully restored. Hikari bowed half-heartedly. "We hope to see you again."
"Yeah, whatever. I gotta get to Pallet Town. Later."
Blake set off for his destination. He had come to Kanto to see his uncle, but went straight for the League challenge. To only difficult part of the way to Pallet Town was Viridian fo
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 25 32
Dark Genetics
Absol TF
Jay looked out the window. Full moon. "So, are you absolutely certain this is safe?"
He sighed. He shook the greyish concoction in his hand a bit. "Lemme guess: I can't op out even if I wanted to at this point."
The agent nodded.
"Okay. Cheers to the new me." Jay drank the whole thing.
He instantly lost most of his strength, and fell over. His hair had already turned white, his eyes red.
"Good luck."
Jay's skin turned a dark blue. He felt an itch grow all over his body. His fingers painfully merged into three digits, and his hands changed shape so that he had paws. His nails hardened and extended until they were wicked claws. Similar spikes shot out of his elbows. The entire structure of his arms changed so that they were more feline. He couldn't bear the itch, and started scratching aggressively. Almost his entire body was covered in white fur. He sprouted a long, stiff, blade-esque tail, ripping off his pants. Luckily for Jay, his new fur coat had already covered up hi
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 18 0
Instant Awesome, Just Add Dragons
Flygon TF
Wayne couldn't get enough of Dragon-Types. He deliberately went out of his way to start his Pokemon journey with a Trapinch. Flygon was always his favorite, even more so than the legendary dragons. He treated all of his precious creatures as if they were his family.
"All right, Skye! Finish him off with Dragon Claw!"
"Goooooon!" Skye flew in towards the trainer's Infernape and raked her claws against him. The flaming mon fell to the ground.
"What!? No! Did that just happen!?"
"Calm down, man. I won, you lost. Deal with it."
"Fine..." He fished some Pokedollars out of his hoodie pocket. "Here's my money..."
"Keep it. You just got here from Sinnoh, right?"
"What gave it away?"
"Mostly the fact that your team is Infernape, Luxray, Leafeon-"
"I get the picture."
"Whatever. Welcome to Hoenn." Wayne turned around. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to train my dragons."
"Overconfident piece of..."
Wayne didn't pay attention to the rest. He called Skye and flew off towards the desert
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 38 11
Insert Cliche Aura Title Here
Lucario TF
Requested by sonnytapman
Addison wanted to start his Pokemon journey, but he also wanted to finish school, unlike most trainers. The result? He was fourteen and had never left Aspertia City.
"*sigh* Can this get any more dull?" He was out on the Lookout doing some homework. "Be cool if I could just leave school and be a master like everyone else. But then what? That can't get you a job, plus my sister'd kill me-"
"Who ya talking to?" Some other guy was watching him.
"What the... How long have you been standing there?"
He shrugged. "Five, maybe ten seconds. Whatever. I'm new here. Know where the Gym is?"
"You saw the Trainer's School, right?" The guy nodded. "The Gym's in the back."
"Weird place to put a Gym. I knew we saw it somewhere, Houdini."
Now Addison was even more confused. "Houdini?"
The guy laughed. "Right. You can show yourself, partner." There was a sort of ripple and a Zoroark appeared. "Person-I've-never-met-before, meet Houdini."
Addison went back to h
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 37 27
Take Off At The Speed Of Sound
Latios TF
"Nothing is impossible, just highly unlikely. If I believe that, then the world seems much more interesting than if I didn't."
Jack, your average eighth grader in Grosse Pointe, MI, was on his way home from rehearsal, relieved to have no homework and frustrated as to what to post on DA next. He wanted to do either a dragon or Latios TF, but everything he came up with ended up cliche or flat out bad. It sucked. When he got home through the cold of January, He decided to try again at his project, this time going with the dragon.
"All right, nobody in particular, let's hope it works out this time," he said as he pulled a pencil, a filled-up notebook, and some paper out of a drawer. Jack began writing. It didn't even take five minutes for him to get disappointed with his work. He balled up the parchment and threw it at a small trash bin. It was an excellent three-pointer. That cheered him up a bit. He decided to do one of the many things he was holding off on. "Hey Mom? Could
:iconsinzuthegreat:SinzutheGreat 20 92
Eevees by Joltink Eevees :iconjoltink:Joltink 30 63 Galacta Knight Creating by AgentHisui Galacta Knight Creating :iconagenthisui:AgentHisui 192 64 Alice human sacrifice by Animeria Alice human sacrifice :iconanimeria:Animeria 5 5 Terra- Get Lucky (OC Badge) by spencerbeavcoon Terra- Get Lucky (OC Badge) :iconspencerbeavcoon:spencerbeavcoon 3 0 .:Flabebe:. by Red-head-girl .:Flabebe:. :iconred-head-girl:Red-head-girl 27 12 Fantasy Races: [2/4] Elves by Dyemelikeasunset Fantasy Races: [2/4] Elves :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 4,662 282
So here's the deal with this,I will do a free TF drawing,but it has to be one of the Ben 10 aliens...and also to make it easy for both of us send me a link that I can use for a reference
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